Rotary Joint R- double Passage series

1.      This kind of rotary joint can be divided into parts: double passage stable specification and double passage rotary specification.

2.      Sealing surface and sealing ring are made of special materials with abrasion resistant, long life span, corrosion resistant and non-leakage.
3.      The abrasive condition of inner sealing parts can be known by the visual observation of the product appearance, which can avoid stopping the machine or impairing the machine to achieve the prevention effect and to reduce the loss.
4.      There is separate circuit inside the connector. One can made choice according to different work requirements to exert the benefit to the utmost.
5.      The shell and bearing are supported by the precision bearing, which can facilitate the rotation and reduce the friction force. The fluid mediums include water, oil and air etc and are used wildly.
6.      It is easy to replace and maintain the worn sealing parts. It is unnecessary to purchase the new ones, so it can save the cost.
        Applications scope: paper-making dryer, plastic making calendar, dyeing dryer, plastic making extruder plastic cooling roller, rubber machine, rotating dryer, mini dryer.
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