Rotary Joint RF air-water-coolant media-hydraulic oil

1.      High quality rotary joints and two delicate bearing installed in high stiffness rotor are to ensure vibration-free performance in long-term operation.

2.      Rotors undergo special heat treatment to increase stiffness.
3.      Stationary ring enclosure is made out of concentrated carbon graphite, anti-wear-out, waterproof, and suitable for dry operation.
4.      Especially the area of rotating sealing faces has to be minimized to the minimum, even under higher-pressure environment.
5.      The effect of equilibrium in sealing face from accumulation of our company experiences in mechanics is the best.
6.     Adaptation of stationary ring made out of bronze in RF-type rotating connector is for the use in high-pressure 200 bar.
      Applications scope: General tool machines,transfers.CNC,rotating distributors.
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